Copper Washers are not only the professional way to seal high pressure hydraulic braking systems, they’re the legal way to do so.

All BrakeQuip Copper washers are annealed to ensure an excellent seal and have a reduced OD for minimal interference.

Part # ID OD THICK Weight Price/Quantity
BQ813 8mm 13mm 1.3mm 1g


BQ3858 3/8" 15.6mm 1.5mm 1g


BQ1016 10mm 16.5mm 1.5mm 1g


BQ1118 7/16" 18mm 1.5mm 1g


BQ1218 12mm 18mm 1.5mm 1g


BQ1320 1/2" 20mm 2mm 1g


BQ1421 9/16" 22mm 2mm 1g


BQ1522 15mm 22mm 2mm 1g


BQ1624 16mm 24mm 2mm 1g



This soft copper sealing cone is designed to overcome the problem of sealing damaged seats and stainless to stainless fittings. They are designed to be inserted into 3/8″ and 10mm Female fittings.

Part # OD THICK Weight Price/Quantity
BQ244 10mm & 3/8" 1.3mm 1g