Brake Hose Services

While brake hoses may appear to be in good condition, they can sometimes crack when operating under extreme emergency stopping pressure. It’s important to have brake hoses periodically inspected under high pressure, as brake hose problems can lead to low braking, brake drag and pulling to the side, among other issues.

At Wide Bay Brake Hose Services, we take care of all your brake hose parts and servicing needs. We carry a huge line of available hoses, fittings and tools, and if there’s a hose we don’t carry, we can custom-make it for you – usually while you wait. Our BrakeQuip hose manufacturing system not only makes a custom hose to fit your system, it also rigorously inspects the hose to ensure it’s up to the latest and most stringent quality and safety standards.

We provide both mobile and in-shop hose manufacturing services. If you’re in the Hervey Bay, Maryborough or Wide Bay areas, we can come directly to your location. If you’re in Australia but out of our mobile service area, we have a very simple solution. We offer free inbound posting so you can ship your busted hose to us. We’ll make a brand new one to order and send it right out, usually the same day. We manufacture rubber and stainless steel brake and clutch hoses for all motor vehicles, and specialise in complete stainless steel systems for boat trailers.

Please contact us if you’re having any brake or clutch hose problems (or questions). We’re available on the internet 24 hours a day, or you can call us at 0407 644583. Wide Bay also services performance cars, hot rods and motor bikes (by appointment only). Contact us for more information.

Wide Bay Brake Hose Service