These popular bleed screws make replacing the old seized screw easy.

All Bleed screw are trivalent plated to fight corrosion & the large heavy duty hex ensure a firm grip.

Part # Thread Length Hex length HexA/F Weight Price/Quantity
BQ4433 3/8" x 24NF 20mm 5mm 10mm 10g


BQ4434 M10 x 1 23mm 6mm 10mm 10g


BQ4435 M10 x 1 19mm 6mm 10mm 10g


BQ4438 5/16" x 24NF 17mm 5mm 8mm 10g


BQ4439 1/4" x 28NF 15mm 3.6mm 7mm 10g


BQ4440 M10x1.5 18mm 5mm 10mm 10g


BQ4441 M7 x 1 (long) 21mm 5mm 7mm 10g


BQ4442 M8 x 1.25 22mm 5mm 8mm 10g


BQ4443 M8 x 1 17mm 5mm 8mm 10g


BQ4444 7/16" x 24NS 24mm 5mm 11mm 20g


BQ4445 7/16" x 20NF 19mm 5mm 11mm 20g


BQ4446 M10 x 1.25 20mm 5mm 10mm 10g


BQ4436 M7 x 1 12.5mm 4mm 8mm 10g



Part # Weight Price/Quantity
BQ315 (Small) 1g


BQ316 (Large) 1g



Rescue your brake component that has a stripped or broken bleed screw.

Drill & tap to 1/8″ x 27NPT thread. (Drill Size) 11/32''

Works for all metals. Use Locktite on thread.

Part # Weight Price/Quantity
BQ181 10g



These popular bleed screws makes replacing the old seized screws easy. The large heavy duty hex ensures a firm grip. USE LUBRICANT ON STAINLESS/STEEL THREADS

Part # Thread A B C Weight Price/Quantity
SS4433 3/8" - 24 20mm 5mm 10mm 10g


SS4434 M10 x 1 23mm 6mm 10mm 10g


SS4435 M10 x 1 19mm 5mm 11mm 10g